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Saddle Jewels, Lucky Jewels

Saddle Jewels, Happy Jewels

Give your saddle a stunning look with Saddle Jewels. With these Saddle Jewels, THE original, you will really steal the show at every competition. 

You can easily fasten the jewelry to the saddle by two elastics. These pass under the flaps and are attached with velcro to the rings in front of the saddle. Also possible with mono flap saddles. It's easy to take on and off. You can do it yourself. Fun for competitions, or whenever you like!
The most beautiful brilliance you get by using the finest stones. Therefore we use genuine Swarovski crystals, as a stud vacuum pressed through high quality leather. These stones will not fall out! The Swarovski crystals are being held by their silver casing. With confidence Saddle Jewels gives 2 year warranty on it.
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Handmade with sparkling loveheart.

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