Swarovski colors

All Saddle Jewels© products are made of genuine Swarovski Crystals. Still the most beautiful crystals in the world. In Medium size Swarovski crystals the colors below are available. In Large Swarovski crystal we have one color; Crystal.

These stones don't fall out. The Swarovski crystals are held by their silver casing. With confidence Saddle Jewels gives 2 year warranty on it.

Crystal 1. Crystal
Crystal AB 2. Crystal AB
Rose 3. Rosé
 4. Sapphire
 5. Crystal Golden Shadow
 6. Light Colorado Topaz
 7. Smoked Topaz
 8. Topaz
 9. Light Siam
10. Jet
11. Black Diamond
 12. Crystal Metallic Blue
 13. Amethyst
14. Light Turquoise
 15. Vintage Rose